A Place to Find Your Place

hands offering a red heart of hope

Sustainable Motivating Hope

We understand the devastating impact addiction has on the ability to engage life fully and constructively. We at Agape Homes are committed to restoring HOPE for a quality recovery experience and a full and purposeful future for every participant after treatment. We know it is very hard to come back to and maintain sober living without strong hope. Our staff is fully dedicated to supporting and guiding you. Count on us to provide a recovery focused experience dedicated to respect and the restoration of HOPE.

loving shelter

A Safe Recovery Residence

Agape Homes ensures your sober living home is safe and free from drugs and alcohol. We want you to fully participate and appreciate a meaningful and purposeful life. Guidance, psycho-education, group therapy, and supervision are tools employed by our sober living homes to prepare you. There is something within our wide spectrum of support service options that will resonate with you and help. We are experienced dedicated professionals who ensure our homes are maintained in a healthy constructive recovery-centered lifestyle.


Transportation To & From Agencies

We understand the need for each resident to find and immediately start participating in all beneficial government programs. Transportation will not be an obstacle during the initial stages of re-entry and recovery. We at Agape Homes provide the additional transportation needed to get access to recovery and health services. Our sober living staff is dedicated to supporting each step-by-step movement toward full functioning self-responsibility and independence necessary for recovery and long-term quality of life.

providing education

Education and Living Skills

Our homes provide educational services specialized in teaching independent living skills and competence. We educate and support the practical application of those skills. Among the types of training and education provided is Home Care and Cleanliness, Time Management, Handling Money and Banking, Employment Skills, and Relapse Prevention. We educate our guests on different views and perspectives on health. We help you explore topics and investigate alternatives to how you lived before. You will be empowered to choose the type of healthy lifestyle that makes the most sense for you. We encourage full participation in our classes and support the strengths and leadership of our clients.

hand in hand

Direction & Guidance

Our sober living staff is experienced in long term successful recovery and in the administration of supportive therapeutic services for addiction. We are available to guide our clients with mature, compassionate leadership designed to support  the development of new moral standards required to stay drug free. The world is not a fair and unbiased place and recovering from trauma, addiction and negligence requires a strong supportive community to teach and reinforce practical and proven successful steps. Missing skills can be taught and old bad habits can be overcome.

fellowship circle of helping hands

Fellowship Meetings

A strong sense of tribe and community is necessary for long term success in recovery. Learning to live in a heart-felt community and accept fellowship while supporting others helps maintain sober living. Becoming an inherent part of a healthy whole allows recovering people to build self-esteem, learn supportive role behavior, and be solution oriented when faced with problems and conflicts. Community is an essential part of the Agape Support System and participation in the full range of recovery centered programs and events is supported.  Feel the power of service and the power of giving to others as well as get empowered to share your gift to support others along the road to recovery.