Non-profit Addiction Recovery Residences

We are a supportive, caring sober living halfway house in the Fort Lauderdale, Florida area.

Agape Support Systems and Homes is non-profit. We provide temporary, safe and structured addiction recovery residences to those in need. Our halfway houses promote sobriety and independence. If you are committed to change, and want help staying on the right path, we are here for you. You will spend time during your transitional period learning the right skills you need to succeed, with a guide who understands. Be fully prepared to return to life outside of daily recovery support by choosing an Agape Support Systems sober house.

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Turn to us when the Going Gets Tough

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We Help You Reach Your Goal

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We are Here to Give You a Hand

Agape Home's Halfway Houses

We know that getting your feet back under you can seem impossible. You have a helping hand, if you want it. We want to prepare you to create a beautiful, rewarding life following your dreams. Our focus is helping you become fully independent by providing you the tools to make it happen and stay that way.

First Step Sober House

Staying committed once you decide to change is easier at a halfway house. Your first steps after rehab are especially important. Let your First Step be the right one. We are more than a bed and ride. We provide a temporary home, education, transportation, guidance, and fellowship during this scary, but exciting new start on life. Get life skills needed to maintain a sober, healthy life.

A Sober Living Support System

We aren't new at this. Many of us are recovering addicts, too. During your ups and downs, we provide a rock-steady hand to get you through this transitional period and settled firmly back in society. We know the tools you need to find your own home, get a job, get reliable transportation and better your education.

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a place for hope

Hope is sparked to life, fed and nurtured in our halfway houses as residents inspire each other and encourage dreams.

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A Safe Place

Everyone needs a place that is safe from temptation and is personally inspiring. Our halfway houses are clean, inviting and comfortable.

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In order to prepare to be independent, you must get to appointments and honor commitments. Transportation is part of our Agape Support System.

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Be happy in your new life by finding a way to do something you love. Go to school and invest in your future self's happiness.

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direction & guidance

Feeling lost and not knowing what you want to do makes you human. Getting help is what makes you smart.

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Being around other people who know exactly what you are going through can give you an instant feeling of belonging.